Architecture is a mindful practice of an art whose imagination is built upon ethical foundations


Architectural practice today must address:

  • Social inequity : To distribute wealth and knowledge with the means of building production

  • Cultural subversion : To construct a self-confident culture by maintaining the initiative of the  creative imagination

  • Environmental impact :  To restore environmental sustainability through bioclimatic spatial design and selective and innovative use of technologies


For beauty and joy of the inhabited place as meditations on the aesthetics of intelligent, efficient means


As Professionals we have a dual responsibility. We must serve in the best possible way the legitimate need of our client. Equally, we must see that the means and ends of the building design solutions we propose also serve a larger beneficial purpose. We believe that creative practice of architecture would seek to converge this duality into a unity


As a firm we do not espouse any style or aesthetic. Each design is a process of discovery where solutions are found appropriate to the project at hand. The process is driven by three guiding principles:

  • Inclusion of the client and user groups at all stages of the project by appropriately structured consultation

  • Search for simplicity and economy of means

  • Prioritizing selection of design strategies and technologies in favor of sustainability and energy conservation